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Road Traffic Accidents

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Most Personal Injury(*) claims arising from road traffic accidents(*) go before The Personal Injuries(*) Assessment Board. We fund our client’s Application to the Board including the Medical Report Fee. Applications take a year to be assessed and the assessment can be accepted or rejected by the injured party or the Insurance Company. If the assessment is rejected the claim goes through the court process and our fees for this work are paid by the Insurance Company. Over 95% of our client’s claims for adequate compensation for injuries sustained and expenses incurred in road traffic accidents(*) are settled without a court hearing. We believe that this is due to our client’s claims being genuine, truthful not being overstated and being honestly and professionally documented.


If our clients are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident(*) they are strongly advised not to settle injury claims directly with the Insurance Company. Insurers will try to settle claims as early as possible as they are aware from past experience that seemingly minor injuries can become very grave over time. The adage that you “only get one bite at the cherry” applies and if injuries do not heal as quickly as expected or if there are unforeseen consequence’s and additional medical expenses the Insurer will be sympathetic but will refer to the “full and final settlement of your claim” clause and will advise that they have a responsibility to their shareholders and it is not possible to revisit a claim once settled.


Joe Clancy and Michael O’Neill handle the injury claims in the office. Michael is the principal negotiator with the assistance of our team of barristers in settling claims which usually happen at lunchtime meetings in The Four Courts.


Anne Brennan ensures that all claims are correctly completed. There are strict time limits for bringing Personal Injury Claims(*) and it is very important that our clients immediately contact us following an accident(*). We believe our clients are entitled to adequate compensation for injuries in any accident(*) in which they are the innocent party.


* In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

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