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Media Library - WillsWe actively encourage our clients to make Wills. We believe it is a responsible and mature act and our clients tell us that having made their Wills they are less anxious and much relieved having they put their affairs in order. We try to make the process as straightforward and as simple as possible.

The following are samples of the general types of Wills made:


  • Single person with property – Standard Will leaving everything between parents and siblings with either parents or siblings as Executors
  • Single person in long term relationship – Will leaving everything to Partner and with the Partner as Executor
  • Married couple without children – Mirror Wills leaving everything to each other with spouse as Executor
  • Married couple with children – Mirror Wills leaving everything to each other with spouses as Executor with the proviso that in the event both dying Guardians and Trustees appointed for the children until the youngest child reaches twenty-one years of age. Sibling, parents or friends can be appointed guardians and trustees to avoid the possibility of the orphaned children being made Wards of Court
  • Married couple with all children over twenty-one years of age – Mirror Wills for spouses leaving everything to each other and in the event of both of their deaths everything equally amongst their children, with the proviso that in some instances for tax planning bequests may be made to the grandchildren. Proviso will be made in the grandchildren’s bequests that their inheritance be held in trust for their upkeep, education, maintenance and support until they are twenty-one.


Our Wills are tailored to the individual requirements of each of our clients and are then held in our fireproof cabinets for safekeeping.

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